PFSense Reverse Lookup not working?

I am very new to PFSense, I am in the process of replacing my UDM with a pfsense box, and I think I have everything configured correctly except for one little issue. In my unifi controller (just has one switch adopted currently), the clients are only showing their mac addresses… No hostname or IP. However in pfsense, the clients are getting the correct IP via DHCP (both statically set via DHCP Reservation and not).
What I have done:

  • Configured interfaces → single WAN and single LAN (
  • Added VLANS to interface (LAN): 10,100,107 and 15
  • Set up DHCP server on all VLAN assignments with subdomains set (ie,, etc.)
  • Currently have DNS Resolver turned on with DHCP and static mappings registering
  • Tried turning on DNS forwarder with the same settings with no change

Anyone have some ideas or tips for me? I really want to make this work so that I can see hostnames in the unifi controller and pfsense

I have never really looked in to what the UniFi controller does not do reverse look up on some things and does on others. Unless someone here as an idea, might want to check the UnIFi forums.