pfSense Remote Management for Updates

Hello Tom and Everyone,

I would like to know how do you guys maintain and upgrade multiple pfsense firewall ? Do you guys setup OpenVPN Server then have establish site to site VPN on it’s client-firewall end ?

I’m sure Tom will chime in at some point. I’m guessing this is one of the main ways he does it since he made a video about it.

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I think, if my memory serves me right, Tom establishes a connection with a device on the LAN side of the firewall and then updates the PFSense software.


It varies, SSH keys with Proxy chains, we also have WAN access filtered to only accept one of our office public IP addresses.


What if the other pfSense box has a WAN DHCP ? what is the best method to maintain it.

Dynamic DNS. There are a plethora of providers that can be configured in pfsense. You end up with a web address that is updated to your IP in real time, or pretty close to it, if there is a change.

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