pfSense Question

I am new to pfSense. I have done a little with iptables and just trying to learn. I want to set up a OpenVPN between my cloud server and my home network. My home network is and I want to get to/from my cloud server.I was going to attach a .pdf drawing but not sure I can in the forums since this is my first time on the forum. I am using pfSense/OpenVPN as a host at my home and then the cloud is a client. My question is: where do I put the push “route” and how do I set up the NAT & firewall piece so that any IP on my home network can get to the cloud server and the cloud server can get to any of the home IPs? Also I want to get the the internet from the cloud server directly and from home server to the internet directly as well. TIA.

You would want to setup a site to site VPN with pfsense and then you would change the routes so all traffic goes through the server on the other end.