Pfsense ProxMox Ntopng crash

Hi guys, a big thank you for the awesome content and tutorials you guys put out there, really appreciate it.

I’m relatively new to pfsense and have had it running at home and the office on identical hardware.

CPU : Intel N5105 with 16GB RAM
Proxmox VE 8.1
pfsense CE - 2.7.2
Package - Wireguard
Package - pfblockerNG-devel
Package - Status_Traffic_Totals
Package - ntopng

After installig ntopng I noticed a kernel panic on both pfsense boxes that occurs randomly after a day or two. I’m currently running pfsense with ntopng disabled to see if the crash reoccurs.
These are the crash logs

Office pfsense Box crash log

Home pfsense Box crash log

Thank you once again

Welcome to the forums, I don’t have much experience with Proxmox but hopefully someone here can offer some insights.

I run NtopNG for PFSense in Proxmox and have no PFSense crashes or issues. About every 5 day NTopNG will crash and has no impact on PFSense. I do run the current release of NTopNG and not from the packages.

You may want to post on NTopNG’s github as an issue.