pfSense Port Distribution

I have a home built machine running pfsense that has 4 1gb ports. I am also running 4 vlans on this setup. I’m looking to understand best practice on how many ports I should be using for bandwidth or any other considerations. My setup is fairly simple. I just wasn’t sure if I should move some of the vlans over to their own interface or if all of them running out of a single is ok. There isn’t a lot of traffic on two of them as they are used primarily for an internal business network.

Current setup:
Modem > pfSsense > Unifi switch

If I move utilize the other ports for interfaces/vlans, I assume I would just be sure to apply the correct profile to existing unifi ports on the switch, similar to how I have them now?

Thanks in advance for the input!

I think it’s more about what are you trying to accomplish. Are you seeing that you are saturating your current interfaces and are needing to push more bandwidth ? Or are you looking for redundancy in your configurations? Both?

I’d suggest get the best of both worlds and run an LACP LAGG with those 4 ports for your vlans. If you ever saturated one connection, the other will kick in for another machine, if one link fails you have the others.

If you need to monitor traffic for some reason having it’s own interface might be helpful.

I use LAGGs between pfsense and the master switch and then laggs to other switches off the master switch. Though I will say I’ve never had a cable fail, but it saves faffing around if it does.

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If you are not exceeding or have a need to exceed the bandwidth of a port then having everything on one port is fine. Adding LACP / LAGG without a need just adds complexity.

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Sounds good to me. Thank you both for the feedback!