pfSense Plus Training (free)

Saw this recently on one of Chris from crosstalk solutions videos and thought people here might be interested as well: pfSense Plus Training and Certification from Netgate

Training is free. Certification is $149

Original video: Free Netgate / pfSense Fundamentals Training! - YouTube
If it’s not allowed to link to crosstalk’s video I will edit and remove.

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That’s a good tip.

The docs are very comprehensive goes in depth on tuning and issues with NICs they should have done this long ago.

So I started to watch this training and now I am a little confused… I thought if you where just running Pfsense at your house it was free. The training talk a about some fee… It is still free if you are just running it as the firewall for your house correct? Maybe I am just miss understanding they are also calling it Pfsense Plus is that just what the new update software is now under? The training doesn’t seem bad other than the person robot voice. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are now 2 versions of pfsense, paid and community. Add in the certification test and there are a couple of things that they could talk about needing money.

Thanks for the link, I’m going to check this out and pass it on to another colleague.

Greg_E is correct. There are two versions now
PLUS = Paid
CE = Free

At this point, I think the Plus training will still be applicable to CE.

Tom did a few videos on Plus/CE:

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OK, so I just watched the first training video… It does indeed suggest that there will not be a “community” edition anymore, just a free home lab version. But this training is specifically geared towards the Plus version, so I wouldn’t expect them to mention anything about the other “community” version. It does feel a little like an Oracle/OpenSolaris or IBM/CentOS moment coming up. I know this has been discussed in other threads, and I guess we will have to see where it goes.

If they ditch “community”, then I’ll have to decide if I keep this at home or not. Only other choice for me would be OPNsense.

I should also add that I’m not fond of the certification expiration… You are only certified for a year. Cisco is 3 years for most, 2 years for the advanced (CCIE) certs. Considering how little pfsense changes in a year (something Tom mentions a lot and why he doesn’t like OPNsense), why a single year limit on the cert.?

Using pfSense CE on a few locations. Thanks for the tip!

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