pfSense Plus to CE What happens if dont de-grade?

I’ve done some searches, but really haven’t found a definitive answer. I am currently running pfSense Plus on my own hardware.
I understand Netgate no longer offers the Plus version without some sort of subscription, but what happens now with existing users?
Will Netgate disable FW use? If so, any notice? Just no updates?
Existing users can continue to use Plus, but if hardware changes will have to revert back to CE?

From official statements and me asking them directly. If you have pfsense plus installed the firewall will continue to work as intended, but you will not be able to receive any further updates. If your own hardware dies then you will need to get a tac lite license on your new hardware because it will have a new netgate ID.

Not officially stated, it looks like they are honoring the upgrades previous to the fiasco, but it is undetermined if they will continue to do so.

That’s kind of what I thought
Thanks for the info

I believe you will not be able to update to the newer version - minor updates yes