Pfsense pkg pgblockerng 3.2.0_4 issue

I having strange issue with pkg pfblockerng-devel 3.2.0_4 . When ever scheduler ran it took 3+ hours and it is keep stuck at Assembling DNSBL database… completed and after long waiting of hours it move to tld then and so on. Below are detail from main dashboard of pfblockerng . I have 48gb of ram and 4g of swap os version : 2.6.0 .

Alias			  Count
==============           ========
pfB_DNSBLIP_v4	         22,253	
pfB_PRI1_v4	         15,048
pfB_PRI2_v4	         594
pfB_PRI3_v4	         22
pfB_Proxy_IP_v4	         397
pfB_TOR_v4	         8,969
pfB_Whitelist_v4	 4
DNSBL_UT1	         4,664,293
DNSBL_Pi_Hole_list	 663,544	
DNSBL_DoH	         123
DNSBL_TLD	         148

Any idea what causing this delay of long waiting.


Not an issue I have encountered, you can try posting over at