Pfsense PIA vpn WireGuard

Anyone who successfully have connected pfsense with PIA vpn using WireGuard?

Do you like to share the procedure? :smiling_face:

(I’m aware of the PIA openvpn knowledge article, but I do prefer WireGuard due to its simplicity)


Tom, has this video - working openvpn with PIA

As you are asking, wireguard can not be simple it you are asking for instructions

You’re right👍🏼. Resource efficiency is a better word in this case.

Yeah, Tom have several superb videos about PIA configuration. Though, not any that advocate for the wireguard setup. Probably for a good reason :smiling_face:. It may not be supported officially?

I have the same question.

I have been looking all over the forums, and PIA, but just cannot figure out how to setup PIA WireGuard VPN tunnels on my pfSense+ router using the addon pfSense WireGuard Package 0.2.1. .

I want to switch to WireGuard from OpenVPN as it seems to be the faster, smaller footprint, newer tech that will eventually displace OpenVPN.

I am using a SG-2100 on release 23.09.

Anyone have a working solution?


let me share two links:

Yea, tried to use those instruction/scripts last night but wg-quick and wireguard-tools packages are required, and I could not find them in the pfSense repositories. I do not know if they would work in pfSense in any case. Beyond my ability to go further on those.