Pfsense PIA New settings?

Hey Guys

Got a notification from PIA that they are upgrading their servers. Is there anything I need to do to my Open Vpn settings? I assume I need to find a new exit server from the list. Just wondering if any of the settings need changing.

Many thanks


I have not tested it yet, but I think the CA is the same but their cert needs to be updated.

Thanks mate, I checked out their link and it gives instructions for everything apart from Pfsense. Lol

As the old servers retire on the 31st I started to panic!

Please keep me updated Buddy. :wink:



They are just changing the server names of a few locations. For example us-seattle is now us-sea.

So I just need to select a new server then? and I won’t break the Cert chain?? Sorry not great at this and thanks for helping.

Yes all you need to do is update the server name if it was changed. Only some of them have.

Hi there

I tried switching over to the new London address and it wouldn’t connect.

Restarted it several times but nothing?

Bit worrying with the end of the month approaching!! eeek

Thanks Sulli1432