PFSense PFBlocker - Whitelist alias


Curious if anyone has a guide or can post a guide on how to whitelist an alias with IP addresses in pfsense. I would prefer to do it within PFblocker but any guide will do. I have tried to whitelist the IP in the whitelist section and I have enabled surpression but it does not seem to be working. the IP addresses are still blcoked.

If you are curious about what it is for I am trying to whitelist the IP addresses for plex so my plex server can be seen outside the network.

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It is being blocked by a spam rule or a country rule?

it is a country rule. specifically seems to be Europe.

I have not tested, but you should be able to change the rule order in pfblocker Firewall “‘Auto’ Rule Order” to allow a rule to occur before the other rules. Then create a rule in the firewall above the pfblocker country rules to override those and allow the IP you want.

I agree with @LTS_Tom. You can also check this by looking at the interfaces where your pfblocker is creating the rules like WAN and LAN and so on.

I tried creating a rule and adding it to the top but as soon as i i save the rule pfblocker goes right back to the top of the list. I tried to take a look at settings to see if there is a setting in pfblocker for always on top but dont see anything.

Any other way. When i google i find people saying to create an alias with the ip’s and then add that alias to pfblocker. I have researchdd but can only find people saying to do that but no one showing how.

That setting is under Firewall ->pfBlockerNG ->IP

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Instead of doing any reordering, from actions in pfBlocker just choose to create an alias, then configure all of these rules manually. This approach is developed to fit all the needs, but you have to do this in manual way.

this worked. thank you.