Pfsense+ Package upgrades

Hello Everyone,

Looking for a rule of thumb when it comes to updating Pfsense and the packages I have installed (not much). I was always told not to update packages unless its after a firmware update so always kind of just updated pfsense and then whatever packages got updated that was good for that update. I have suspicions this may be an older idea and may not be relevant anymore.

Example: My SG2100 at home is on Pfsense+ 21.02.2 and I have arpwatch avahi and openvpn export installed. Attached is a screenshot of the current versions of packages.

First make sure you are on the latest version, if not update to it. Then update the packages as needed.

Also, check the documentation, if what someone tells you conflicts with the documentation and that someone does not work for Netgate, they are most likely wrong.