pfSense / OpenVpn w/TLS on braxVPN > No IPs Need Help

Would someone please post a working “Log file” (not .ovpn) from a working pfSense instance of openvpn client running either bytzvpn or another openvpn that uses TLS and both cert and private keys,
so I know what a working log should look like when debugging my own openvpn bytzvpn client.

Openvpn module in pfSense is now giving me a green light, YES!, however the status says “Authenticating”
and both local and remote IPs say "pending instead of giving me actual IP’s.
and it keeps restarting as witnessed by the log.

Weird because the log shows both local and remote ips but not on the openvpn dashboard,
it must still be missing something to not complete authentication and show IPs.
Pretty sure I have the certs. and keys set up correctly or I would not have a green light in the openvpn dashboard.
Tried deleting password and it crashed so at least TLS and auth are working.
I have to be missing something.