Pfsense OPENVPN w/PIA Port fordwarding

Thanks! Been a big fan of your videos for many years!

Up until the recent change with PIA moving to wire guard your video guides have been great!

I had my pfsense setup with open vpn client as in one of your videos. I also was able to enable the port forwarding using their http script so I could forward the port to the internal ip on my network.

I have no issue with the openvpn client setup as I just needed to change to the new servers.

Without being able to use their client on my device, I have not successfully figured out how to get port forwarding working again.

Maybe I am asking in the wrong forum but does anyone have a suggestion? I have searched some threads but I have been unable to find the info it seems many have this issue now.

Not a feature I use so not likely I will do a video on it. Also not certain if it is possible to get it working properly without their client software.

Thanks Tom, I will continue researching the topic.

Do you think the integrated wire guard in newer pfsense will support port forwarding?

The issues is on the upstream VPN providers side, not pfsense.