pfSense OpenVPN remote clients to access OpenVPN remote site LAN

Hello! This is my first post here.

I have a site to site OpenVPN set up. I can also VPN into site A remotely when I am out and about. I need to be able to access site B when I VPN into site A. I cannot find a guide online but maybe I am just wording it wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I’ve tried this in the past thinking the same but didn’t work, it’s obviously in the routing as the static route is there thought the traffic would just pass to the other site.

If it’s by design then you’ll need two clients to access both sites.

Thanks for the reply neogrid. Good idea I can use this as a temporary solution. There’s gotta be a way to make this work tho, I"ll keep researching and post back here if I find the solution.

Previously before running pfsense I tried to get routed lans to work in a different set-up but it failed. You can have a look at and see if can work.

Hey @neogrid , i have a cisco RV110W supporting PPTP and “Quick VPN”.

I never heart the term Quick VPN, i followed all the directions of the manual and also firmware update the router, This mode NEVER worked. I tried everything, even software from third party But PPTP is working.

There is an option VPN Passthrough enabled. When VPN tunnel established, my public IP is the IP of the remote location i have VPN into. I Try to disable the VPN passthrough option and i still got the public IP of the remote location. Any ideas??

In pfSense we have the “remote access” option for this. I never imagined that this router will have so many issues.

Your Cisco firewall and QuickVPN are end of life so I doubt it’s a good idea to continue with them but IPsec is supported on it so you could try that. I don’t have that box so cannot say for sure.

I assume you are trying to setup a site-to-site VPN, try with a DDNS setup on both sides and use that instead of your IP address perhaps.

This might be your problem.