pfSense OpenVPN policy routing video is wrong or incomplete

The video I’m referring to is here:

I followed PIA’s instructions, as well as the instructions on the video (which I’ve rewatched 4-5 times) and EVERY time I enable the VPN client, all LAN’s go down. Only by disabling the OpenVPN client can I get the internet to work again.

I need help. This guide is incomplete.

Perhaps try one of the write ups on the Netgate forums.

So, the issue isn’t even getting a leak proof VPN.

I’ve configured the OpenVPN client. I’ve configured the interface. I’ve duplicated the outbound NAT rules, and I’ve added firewall rules. However, even on VLAN’s that are explicitly passing traffic to the default WAN, the internet goes out while the VPN client is enabled.

This makes no sense but I’ve restarted from the beginning and get the same result every time. Somehow, enabling the OpenVPN client knocks the internet out for VLANs that shouldn’t even be going over the VPN.

I’m completely lost…

In your video, you never show what the firewall rules should be on the OpenVPN and SWISS or CHICAGO interfaces. What should the firewall rules be?

I also have 2 vlan’s: 1 that’s supposed to go over VPN and 1 that’s supposed to go over the default WAN.

Why is the non-VPN VLAN experiencing internet issues when the VPN is turned on?

OK, I hopped on the discord if I can share my screen… it’d be really helpful. I followed your instructions to a tee.

Dude give the guy a break he’s just giving you a starting point … search the forum sure someone else had the same issue

I’m not bustin his balls; I’m calling attention to a gap in the information because people watch and follow these guides. Tom knows this. That’s why he spends so much time on high quality content.