Pfsense + OpenVPN + PiHole - Internal domains resolution issues

Hi all,

I use Pfsense configured with OpenVPN to connect my network from outside and I’ve configured Pi-hole as my DNS server.
Pi-hole has some internal domain records, as shown below:

I’ve also configured Pi-hole to resolve domains requests coming from outside the network, as shown below:

The below is my pfsense general configuration:

Pfsense Openvpn Server configuration:

Pfsense Openvpn Client Export:

Pfsense active services:

Pfsense DHCP lan:

On my Pfsense both DNS Forwarder and DNS resolvers are disabled.

I can ping my pi-hole when I’m connected via Openvpn, as shown below:

However, I am not able to resolve domains:

When i use dig and specify which DNS server to use then I’m able to resolve internal domains:

Could you please help me to fix this issue?

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I have not used pihole in years but my guess is that even though it’s set to respond to all network sources it’s not doing so. If no one here has any suggestions then perhaps their forums might be more help.

For me using PiHole is not mandatory. I already tried resolve the issue using only Pfsense and Openvpn.
In the Pfsense I’ve created DNS record to my internal network and then I enabled DNS resolver.
Even this way, I’m not able to resolve my internal domain records.