PfSense OpenVPN Network Share Performance?

250M Up/Down fiber at work with gigabit network equipment. Normal web traffic from remote clients is downloading at 200Mbps+ and uploading at their ISP cap (usually around 10Mbps). However, Windows network drives are only downloading and uploading at 1-2Mbps. It doesn’t matter if it is via drive mappings or [server i.p.][ShareName]. In the office the files transfer to these shares at 100+Mbps down\up.

Since the normal OpenVPN web traffic doesn’t seem to be affected and the network shares/mapped drives work at substantially higher speeds in the office, it seems to be a problem with the combination of OpenVPN + mapped/network drives.

Has anyone else encountered this or found a solution? We are on the latest version of PfSense+ using OpenVPN over UDP.

Because of the way SMB works it’s much slower over higher latency connections such as VPN’s.

I’m able to get higher transfer speeds then you for smb v3 over openVPN UDP though it’s on a Linux server (QNAP NAS) and host. I have 50Mbps upload and get close to that when transferring for reference, you ought to get at least that for a faster line.

You might want to make sure you have the same versions of samba running on the host and client, then play around with the cryptographic settings on the VPN server.

Sorry, burned some vacation over the holidays and just getting back to this. It is a Windows 2019 directory shared as a mapped drive. So is the solution to use a non-Windows NAS, or something like FTP that doesn’t use SMB?