Pfsense on Sophos XG 330 Rev2

Is anyone else running pfsense on a Sophos XG 330 Rev2? I’ve seen chat’s about the 220. I’m going to be running through the install tonight. I’ve got a 10g Aruba core switch and 3 switches coming off it. Juniper EX3300, Dell EMC S4128T, and a Ubiquiti Professional 48 (Testing Ubiquiti “L3” as they continue updates"

I have several hosts, datastores and NAS’s connected to the above.

I’ve had pfsense on XG230 rev2 and XG135 and rev3 with no issues.

The XG330 I can’t see being an issue. It’s a caswell unit again I expect and inside just standard stuff.

The only thing re Sophos hardware is replace the drive or fully clear the existing.

It’s running decent so far. !0g really smashes it, ordering a new CPU and will hopefully upgrade memory.

Does it need extra CPU cycles and more RAM?

I5-6500 and 12Gb RAM stock I believe

That is correct. I’m seeing high utilization when utilizing 10G. Might be effective to move to an i7 and see what the capabilities for RAM are.