Pfsense on Proxmox - no LAN DHCP - No internet


I’m running pfsense in a vm on Proxmox on a Miniforum ms-01.

WAN is connected to i266-V intel Nic with DHCP and bridge mode from ISP router on IP/subnet.

LAN is i226-lm to unmanaged switch / Dumb AP / ethernet to computer on IP/subnet.

ISP modem is giving DHCP address to Proxmox / Pfsense no problem.

However, LAN will not provide DHCP to LAN devices, static assigned IP works fine though. Nor can I access internet, ping sites, etc.(I read on another post that vPRO can block DHCP, unsure if this is true)

Things I’ve tried:

  • Unplug and plug back in / reset / turn off / reinstall
  • Switch WAN and LAN

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you remember to turn on the DHCP server…Services, DHCP Server. Select the LAN network, checkbox at the top.

Correct. I have done that. DHCP is enabled and has an available range of addresses ( - 200)

If you do quick google searches you’ll find that i226-lm in a virtual environment for DHCP a has issues.

I get that it’s cool to virtualize your router and it reduces the footprint of having a physical router, but there is a reason it’s called “the forbidden router”. I know you have read success stories and people say it runs fine as a VM. It is generally not a good idea and I would suggest to anyone they shouldn’t be a VM, always physical for a firewall.

Slightly passive aggressive…

I stated in my original response that I read vPRO causes issues with DHCP in the i226-lm. Additionally, a “quick google search” does not yield any good results as there are conflicting stories as to the i226-lm being “ok” and “supported.”

Think about how you post, are you really helping the community without references? No.

If you want to take it negatively then that is fine. I wasn’t being passive aggressive and actually giving advice on not using a firewall as a VM due to its flaky nature and saving you time and heartache later on.

You said yourself that it’s a mixed bag of google results which is a red flag to me. I can tell you that the 2.5Gb NICs have not caught up in the hypervisor realm so driver support is really limited. So it might be that you need to use a different hypervisor or possibly side load a compatible driver for the NICs.

I did find this Reddit post, but it was 3 years ago. It might solve your issues if you disable vPro.

You can attempt to gaslight, but I am sure even you can admit your first post was negatively charged and the typical “keyboard warrior” response on forums. “A simple google search”, that phrase gets tossed around so often its truly pathetic. If you do not have anything positive to say in a post, simply do not reply. Clearly you are well versed in this community and have been a healthy contributor but if you find yourself using that phrase, then providing no additional helpful feedback, it’s wasteful.

pfsense GitHub has both i266-lm and v as supported…thats from the horses mouth…so why would I believe the handful of posts from years ago? Really think about your presence on this forum and any other forum. Are you contributing to a greater community by throwing the overused phrase “google” around? No.

Unless you have constructive feedback please refrain from posting further. Thank you.

lol. Good luck with your issue and have a nice day.

in interfaces > LAN do you have the last two checkboxes marked?

Make sure you’ve checked Disable hardware checksum offloading under System>Advanced>Networking on the pfSense VM?

Are you using PCI Passthrough or a virtualized Nic? If virtualized, you may have problems with compatibility. PFSeense may support it but if it is using a virtualized Nic then it is Proxmox that may be the issue.

Virtualinzing a router/firewall does introduce variables that need to be considered and can be challenging sometimes. I virtaulize mine and have seen issues arise that it is the virtualization that I need to look at and not PFSense.