pfSense on C3758 vs D-1528 vs D-1541?

Running pfSense, will an Atom C3758 deliver ipSec VPN gbps throughput (ikev2 site-to-site over gbps at both ends)? or do I have to scale up to a Xeon D-1528 or D-1541?

I find that the C3558 cannot deliver gbps over ipSec VPN.

My two product options are :

Any thoughts we be appreciated.


The D1541 would definitely work. The C3758 will do twice what the C3558 is doing right now, at least that’s the way it appears to scale on the SSL benchmarks.

The C3758 has twice the cores of the C3558 (8 vs 4), which explains many of its near 2x benchmark improvements. Therefore the question is: is the ipsec implementation in pfSense multithreaded or not? We know OpenVPN is not.

I also looked at i3-8100 based solutions, but they would have to be built from scratch afaict.

I’m guessing yes. If you look on the Netgate site they have the imix and iperf performance of their appliances with ipsec. I have to assume that the jump between the the C3558 and D1541 is 4 vs 16 threads not 2.2 vs 2.7 GHz.