Pfsense not updating WAN IP after cable modem upgrade

I recently purchased a new cable modem and got it activated through my provider but noticed that my IP was the same as it was before. I have tried to release/renew from pfsense but comes back with the same IP.

When I connect a system directly to the cable modem it is a completely different IP.

Any thoughts?

Edit 1: The reason I am looking to release/renew is I recently upgraded my plan with my provider and my previous cable modem didn’t support the speeds I upgraded too. Since I have upgraded and have been with the new cable modem I have had to reboot/power cycle the modem every few days due to my internet going down.

I would unplug the cable modem for one minute.

Shutdown pf box during this time.

Power on cable modem let it stabilize take 1-3mins.

Plugin pf box and boot it.

I have had modems get stuck like this before and the MAC address needs to be cleared out. It can take a minute or so of being unpowered.

What I told you has worked for me when this happened. If it does not work after this you will need to call your cable provider to verify everything is connected to the modem properly. Although it only has happened maybe twice during router updates in 20 years of having a cable modem.

@Thedannymullen - thank you for the reply and I did try this but still got the same info. As you mentioned this is due to my WAN MAC address not changing. I think I might try to spoof my WAN MAC temporarily for a few hours/days/weeks and change it back to give my ISP time to clear.

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Been there! I got my ip blocked once when I wrote a bad script to upload something to my website periodically. My Typo made it more like a denial of service timing… oops!

I called all the parties involved and could never get them to admit that anyone blocked me but nothing worked. The fix clone my router to a random Mac and plug up. Amazing everything worked after that!

Seems like this might be the best solution as trying to get some of the isps to admit they have an issue is like pulling teeth!

@Thedannymullen I decided to use this as an excuse to upgrade my pfsense box :slight_smile: I should have all the parts by the end of next week and will be setting everything up from scratch. Hopefully, this resolves it but in the end, my current box was having a tough time with what I was currently having it do.

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