pfSense not starting correctly after power outage

I’ve had some power issues lately. RCD in the switchboard has tripped late at night and my UPS dies after about 3 minutes of battery runtime (yes, it’s time for me to change out the batteries). When I flicked the RCD back on, the UPS starts up and my Proxmox servers, Cisco and Ubiquiti switches all startup OK. My pfSense Netgate SG-4860 is powering up but I’m not able to access this from the LAN, unable to ping its IP addresses. I have to power cycle the SG-4860 manually (remove power, count to 30, reconnect power) before it starts up correctly. Are there any “watchdog” options for automatically restarting the pfSense box if it’s not able to ping my main managed switch or Proxmox servers?

I’ve had 2 power outages in the past week. Both times were at stupid o’clock and the UPS powered off

Make a backup, then connect to the console and see where it’s getting stuck on when it does not boot.

Thanks Tom
using puTTY, I console connected to the Netgate appliance and found pfSense was having problems applying the VLAN interfaces when it was starting up which meant it was defaulting back to “factory defaults”. The error was “unable to assign interfaces” (or similar, sorry but exact wording eludes me).

While remaining in the console, I did a “factory default” reset, then connected to the LAN interface, logged into the default GUI, and applied the latest captured config. This has fixed the issue and now the Netgate appliance starts up correctly every time!

I suffer the same problem any time there is a power loss. Also using a Netgate SG-4860.
The unit hangs at a startup/setup/configuration screen requiring me to use a mini-USB to console in (via screen /dev/tty.usbserial...) and choose the WAN and LAN ports.
Once I have done that it completes the boot process and reloads the configuration automatically. it is WEIRD.