Pfsense not routing on VLAN

This has been kicking my ass for about 2 months now.

Devices that i connect to a switch port on this VLAN can not connect to the internet.

I do have a firewall rule to allow traffic from the VLAN to the internet. (picture below)

I have setup the DHCP server. (picture below)

pfsense can not ping cloudflare from the VLAN

The configuration for the switch is in the picture below.

I have also deleted everything (The VLAN, interface etc) which is why the VLAN ID is 31 instead of 30 and still no luck.

Now the interesting thing with this arises when i have another IOT VLAN that actually works fine and the devices can connect to the internet. I have gone back through this working VLAN to try and find the setting i missed or the misconfiguration but i have not been able to find it.

If you have any questions about this configuration or need any more info i am happy to provide whatever you need.

I recently setup a few VLANs and because of other guides I’ve followed my NAT outbound rules are set to manual, so I had to create new rules for the VLANs.

My NAT outbound rules were set to manual as well, i added the rules that would be needed but unfortunately i still can not ping from that network.

This was the rule that i added.

Thank you for the suggestion anyways.

I think i jumped the gun a bit here, my Xbox is able to connect to the internet but pfsense can’t ping cloudflare from the interface. I have verified that the Xbox is on the VLAN and has its ip address.