Pfsense not loading website completely


I am having a strange issue with my pfsense loading this site in particular when I try to navigate that url I initially get the wasabi loading icon and then just a blank white page. I have tested different browsers and OS platforms and I am getting the same results, also when I try on my phone when on wifi this happens and when I switch over to LTE it works fine. My initial thought was that maybe pfblocker is stopping this but what’s strange is that when I initially get the white page and I then F5 it loads fine. If I login and then traverse the site I get the same initial white page and the if I F5 it loads fine. After whitelisting a few domains used by wasabi I am still getting the same result. I cant seem to track down in logs what is happening where should I look on pfsense?

–This is the only site so far that Is acting up weird for me.

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Chrome give me the white screen until i refresh the page and every page I click seems to do the same thing. Firefox worked fine.

Interesting, on my end Firefox gives me a white page as well. The interesting thing is that the Wasabi page seems to load fine on a non Pfsense network from my testing