Pfsense not loading website completely


I am having a strange issue with my pfsense loading this site in particular when I try to navigate that url I initially get the wasabi loading icon and then just a blank white page. I have tested different browsers and OS platforms and I am getting the same results, also when I try on my phone when on wifi this happens and when I switch over to LTE it works fine. My initial thought was that maybe pfblocker is stopping this but what’s strange is that when I initially get the white page and I then F5 it loads fine. If I login and then traverse the site I get the same initial white page and the if I F5 it loads fine. After whitelisting a few domains used by wasabi I am still getting the same result. I cant seem to track down in logs what is happening where should I look on pfsense?

–This is the only site so far that Is acting up weird for me.

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Chrome give me the white screen until i refresh the page and every page I click seems to do the same thing. Firefox worked fine.

Interesting, on my end Firefox gives me a white page as well. The interesting thing is that the Wasabi page seems to load fine on a non Pfsense network from my testing

I was able to get firefox to work correctly. What’s interesting is that on my work computer Wasabi loads fine with chrome but on my home pfsense network it does not.

From a website POV, they could have various content delivered from various CDN’s & either your ISP or firewall is blocking them. Using - I got this :slight_smile:

Might help you resolve things. HAve you loaded the site while looking at PFS’s logs / blocked logs. Seems like something on the presentation layer is not playing ball, likely due to something being blocked on the ISP / FW.

EDIT: I see they don’t have some security headers in place, could be a clue. Maybe scan a few sites with & see if you can connect to other sites, that also do not have the specific security headers in place. shows Apache < 2.4.6 & WordPress < 5.4.1 . Yes a website is only part of a operation, but how good is Wasabi’s security, or is that not a must have?

Who ever did their site hasn’t paid much attention to security: (theadkgroup = usernale / alias)

Thanks for the suggestion and link I will check it out. I have been looking at PFS’s logs and nothing that would throw up red flags. What doesn’t make sense it loads fine in Firefox on the same network chrome for example doesn’t. going through the same gateway which doesn’t make any sense.

Try a new user profile in the OS & then see if Ninite will update Chrome for you.

Out of interest what DNS are you using?

So I ruled out the Profile thing because the same thing happens across multiple devices -phone, laptop, and desktop. I use the pfsense locally but it forwards to quad 9 and cloudflare .

When I am on my wifi on my phone the site doesn’t load just a blank white page, but when I turn off wifi and go on LTE it works fine.
– So I was able to get it to load in Firefox and everything is working fine, Tom mentioned that his stuff reacted the same which leads me still to believe its pfsense after doing all the tests.

Thanks for your help trying to figure this out.