Pfsense not giving devices IPs

I am not having a fun night

My pfsense router has decided to stop giving out IPs and disconnect all devices. I am not sure what caused this as at the time when this started no one was even in the room with the computer running it and I was not in the web configuration pannel.

I have tried rebooting, rebooting with file system check, reasoning interfaces, reassigning the IP addresses to the LAN interface, unplugging and repluging cables and also restoring to a backup from before when I tried to install a package.
Even after all that pfsense still refuses to give my laptop that is plugged directly into the LAN port an ip.
Pfsense can access the internet as it can ping cloudflare.

I’ll be honest I am rather new to pfsese infact I only switched it to be my main router 2 days ago in which time it has worked great. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have zero clue how to fix this even after googling it.

Assuming the DHCP server is up and running my first guess would be a hardware issue such as a port going bad.

Unfortunately it’s beginning to look more and more like that, I cannot even ping pfsense from the laptop with the manually set IP. The anoying think is that I have a Ethernet card in the mail that I ordered a bit ago. Is there anything at all that I could try to get it going for the few days before I get the Ethernet card.

Does your laptop detect a link on its interface? For example, do the NICs’ status LEDs come on (either on the laptop or on the firewall)?

Yes the laptop does know the link exists, it just won’t give an IP

Got my actual network card now, can do away with the Chinese USB adapters and everything is working great now.

Also just wanted to say thank your for all your videos Tom, they have helped me and so many people out and they are just generally brilliant. Have a great day/night/afternoon/morning.

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