PFsense no internet access but internet can access me

I have a PFSense setup where i have a Failover set up, However i notice some strange behaviour.

I have 3 interfaces.
-Company netork

The Wan is connected to the internet of course.
The LAN is my local network
My house is next to the family bussiness wich has a whole separate network and internet connection. There is a connection to this network as a 3th interface with the purpose of having access to the security camera system without having to have it go over the internet.

This network is also setup as a Tier 2 gateway in case my internet goes down.

This last week i seem to have lost any internet access on my WAN, All my traffic is routed over the backup line, However, my VPN and HAproxy still fuction propperly and i have access to my network over these. These connect to my WAN IP wich i thought was down.

My WAN is connecting with a PPPOE connection provided by my isp and gets a public ip
The company network provides me with a private IP for the incoming connection.

when i ping from my WAN i get 100% packets failed,
however when i ping my WAN public ip adress from outside the network i do get a reply,

When i access a port forwarded to an internal adress from the outside the connection works. I can see the traffic go in and back out.

At this point I don’t know where to look anymore. Any ideas are welcome.

Could be a NAT Issue. Sure nothing changed oin your NAT setup? in pfsense running auto oder manual? In the case of a wrong nat asignment you could be, as in your case, reachedn from WAN to Firewall but initiated sessions from LAN > WAN will not receive their replies back.

You could run a package capture on WAN thorugh pfsense signostics and have a look in wireshark where the packets go, if they hit WAN and if there is a reply coming. If the reply is there but doesnt hit you LAN Client it’s a NAT issue. If the Reply is not coming in you should look on the WAN COnnection itself not pfsense.

Check your FW rules sounds you are blocking outbound or gateway is not right.