Pfsense no cross VLAN RTSP Stream after upgrade


upgraded my pfsense to 2.5.0. After that my (until then working) cross VLAN RTSP Stream is not working anymore. I can reach the other vlan and my MQTT devices still work cross vlan (same networks). I can even ping the camera but the stream is not coming through. Reaching the web interface of the camera is no problem, too.
I did disable all blocking rules without success.
After transferring the camera to the main LAN the stream works fine again.
Back and it stops working again.

Any ideas on that?
Thanks, Sebastian

Not a problem I have encountered, try posting in the Netgate forums

Just tried again. Issue is still there. No help on reddit or netgate despite a few folks having the same issue.

Any ideas?

Cam is pingable. Stream works on same vlan but not on the main LAN. All other IOT devices work and traffic is routed .
mDNS installed on Pfsense.


Must be your rules, I can access RTSP streams cross vlan for port 554.

pfSense 2.4.5 no issues. After upgrade to 2.5 it stopped working. Nothing else changed.