pfSense nextcloud problem with HAProxy

I’m trying to ssl offload my nextcloud server with haproxy, I’ve added * as permitted domain into the config file, I’ve configured the haproxy backend with port 80 forwarded to the machine but when I try to access the nexcloud server outside of the LAN it gives me this error:
I can assure you that I’ve followed the same procedure to configure the backend and the frontend that I used on almost other 10 servers and they work perfectly fine.
Anybody has had this kind of issues and know how to solve?

Found out the solution:
first you have to install on the nextcloud machine the self-signed certificate
Secondly you can configure your haproxy backend with port 443 (or whatever ports your TLS server is using) and then check the box Encrypt(SSL). Leave all the other configurations as usual and everything should work correctly

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