Pfsense / network issue

Dear Friends ,

Hope every one is safe and well , I have been facing an 2 main issues in my network and I cant seem to find the cause or how to fix it .
Firstly I have to limit the speed on my Plex/ Downloading pc for it not to cause WAN to disconnect ( I loose connection to the internet ) after some research the main culprit was pointing towards my router / pfsense hardware although in my opinion with the specs I have it should be sufficient but I might be mistaken . Furthermore downloading through Torrent / Direct download can both cause this issue and the tricky part is its not on all downloads its random thus I cant reproduce it.

Secondly I loose connection to the internet I also loose connection towards my router / pfsense which is confusing since im on the LAN side and cant seem to reach it neither via web nor pinging it. I am really confused and dont know where to start troubleshooting.
More Details :
Pfsense / router which is on a pc with 2 nic cards : i5-10200H/ 8 GB RAM/ 256 nvme ssd /2*Realtek Gigabit Ethernet
Managed switch is TL-SG2428P
Unmanaged switch is 1g 8 port
Plex / Downloading pc : im using qbittorent and IDM I have them on limited bandwith at the moment due to the issue mentioned above .
Connection is 750MB download 100MB upload.

Thanks in advance for the input and help.

“There’s your problem lady!” Points to → 2 nic cards/2*Realtek Gigabit Ethernet.

Use Intel NIC’s or fight gremlins/ghosts FOREVER!!! Search any pfSense forum about Realtek nics.

" wide variety of wired Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) are supported by FreeBSD, and are thus compatible with pfSense software. However, not all NICs are created equal. The hardware can vary greatly in quality from one manufacturer to another.

The best practice is to use Intel NICs because they have solid driver support in FreeBSD and they perform well. Most hardware sold in the Netgate Store contains Intel NICs.

Of the various other PCIe/PCI cards supported by FreeBSD, some work fine, others may suffer from instability or poor performance. In some cases, FreeBSD may support a particular NIC but specific implementations of the chipset may be lower in quality or have poor driver support. When in doubt, search the Netgate Forum for experiences of others using the same or similar hardware."

“If there are issues with traffic being lost, or packets that seem to disappear or never show up (or leave) an interface, there are a few potential causes to consider… This has historically been an issue with Realtek NICs, some Via Rhine NICs, and some specific Intel fxp chips, as well as virtualized/emulated NICs in some hypervisors, especially those that use VirtIO.”

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