pfSense - Network Interface Mismatch After Reboot

Just looking for a little clarification on a pfSense configuration restore on different hardware. I’ve watched nearly all of @LTS_Tom 's videos and this one specifically where he addresses this condition of Network Interface Mismatch:

I went through the console prompts and assigned the configuration ports to the new hardware, em0 to igb0, em1 to igb1, etc. It boots up and everything is up and running. When I go to reboot to test a power failure situation it prompts me with the same Network Interface Mismatch questions.

Why do the first hardware mismatch changes I did not stick with the boot configuration file? I know Tom mentions to just go into the .xml file and force the changes but I’m trying to understand why that doesn’t get written when I answered the questions in the console or if there is a way to force pfSense to write those changes to the configuration file after I make the assignment changes.



Once it boots go into the interface configuration and make sure they are all correct, click save, and it should update the XML file.

I opened the XML that was created after I fixed the hardware mismatch and there it was, the issue. The VLAN (em1.20). When I was correcting the hardware mismatch when I got to that Opt1 interface it only had em1.20 to choose from and it should have been igb1.20. I corrected that, saved and rebooted with no issues. Darn VLAN’s! Hope the bread crumbs of this post help solve someone else’s hardware mismatch situation in the future.

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Is this issue fixed in 2.7?

I just setup 4 VLAN’s and when I rebooted it gave me a port mismatch. I ended up having to restore from backup.

Update - After adding any VLANs and rebooting pfSense prompts to re-setup the interfaces, killing all the VLAN interfaces. How do I fix this?

It was happening on 2.6 so I upgraded to 2.7 and it’s doing the same thing.