pfSense "Netgate pfSense Plus has started creating missing SSH keys"

I’m completely new to pfSense, and purchased a Netgate 1100 for a home network lab to learn pfSense.

I’ve done the very basic initial setup, and a laptop on the pfSense LAN is working well.

I see these messages in the pfSense notifications about SSH keys.

What does this mean? Is this referring to some internal key setup for the pfSense SSH server? Can I ignore them?

That is just a notice to tell you that it’s created new SSH keys. Per good security practices each new install of pfsense/pfsense+ generates new keys.


To confirm, that message is referring to creating the SSH server “host keys”, correct?

Correct. The SSH keygen process creates an asymmetrical key pair (private key and public key) that is subsequently used to verify the identity of the server and to negotiate further keys for data encryption with a connecting client.

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