pfSense / Netgate / DNS stops working

i have a netgate 3100 with a simple setup, no special, a vpn and one Vlan and some port forwarding. it is on release 22,5 right now (i know i will update), but this problem have been with several releases in the past.
with some weeks in between the DNS just stops working as it should. we do notice it when we can´t access some webpages, ping is working. I go in to the netgate, change DNS server and it is back up again. Then it works for some weeks again until next time.
i have tested several different DNS servers like google, quad 9, and so on. no difference.
The logs does not show me anything i can clearly relate to the problem.
anyone have a suggestion?

on the DNS logs in the system i get only this:
Dec 27 03:54:41 unbound 4208 [4208:0] info: generate keytag query _ta-4f66. NULL IN

Had a similar problem with DNS in the past, never solved it didn’t even know why it was happening. However, I installed the watchdog service and added DNS to it. Not looked at it since but if the DNS does stop then this package restarts the service.

What is the setup for dns resolvers

Have a look at this video - Encrypt Your DNS (STOP Your ISP SNOOPING!) (

I would also update to 23.09.1

Hi all,

Just a question regarding the DNS. Is pfSense setup to use DNS Resolver? I have seen several posts on Google mentioning there is a problem with DNS Resolver failing randomly. I have also got Service Watchdog installed on pfSense 2.7.2 CE and haven’t had any major problems yet with DNS resolution. If you aren’t using pfBlocker-NG, have a look at Bind 9 as a replacement to DNS Resolver. Below is a link that shows how to setup Bind 9 on pfSense:-

Hope this is helpful.


yes i will update though this problem have been there several releases.
That link did not help, i do not have the need to encrypt DNS.

i will try that if the update does not help. thanks

i do trust that Netgate / pfsense should work at it is otherwise they would not sell as much as they do, also it does work on all my other netgate boxes. so thanks for the tip but i do not want to start and change those things.