pfSense + multiple OpenVPN clients

In the past, running a different firewall, I had the ability to pre-load different OpenVPN clients for different servers (i.e. diff locations).

I only need to run one OpenVPN client at a time, and mostly the same client >< server pair, but liked having the ability to switch to a different server in a different location using that same service.

Any good thoughts on how best to set that up? When I briefly tried copying (cloning?) my OpenVPN client, changed the server address (these are all from the same service, so they utilize the same ciphers etc), pfSense wants me to assign the second client to another interface and get it connected, but I just want the settings to be available to turn on if/when I want to change.


At least I haven’t found a way to do that, each client will want an interface. So if you have 20 clients then, you’ll need 20 interfaces. You can stop the OpenVPN client but if you reboot then they will all start up.

Perhaps one option is to put them all in a Gateway group, then route all your traffic through the group, switching on the clients as required, admittedly not very elegant.