pfSense - Multiple Interfaces > Client VPN

I have a client VPN setup on my pfSense router and I use an alias containing a list of hosts to route only specific traffic over the VPN. The rule for this exists in LAN and works as expected. I also have a CORP VLAN with a few devices on it that I also want to route a few websites over VPN from. For some reason, this doesn’t work. This is the rule in LAN that for testing purposes only routes connections to over the VPN.

When I enable that and lookup the IP from a device on LAN, I get the IP of my VPN as expected. I have the almost identical rule on the CORP network. When I have this enabled and attempt to connect to, it times out. So it is obviously attempting to connect to the VPN, but something doesn’t like that. Is there a limitation in pfSense that would prevent multiple interfaces from accessing the same VPN client?

Check if there is a rules not allowing the range from CORP network to route.