Pfsense Multi Wan local host issue

I tried for some time to trouble shoot following issue,

I have pfsense configured with 2 WAN network and 7 VLAN. I want to use specific WAN1 for a say Business Network with failover to WAN2 and other VLAN to use WAN2 as primary and WAN1 for failover.

Now in System>Routing>Gateway Default group is assigned.

When I assign a non default gateway for the VLAN Network (Firewall>Rules>VLAN1Network) then the issue I face is hostname from another VLAN gets the correct IP resolved but it gets routed via WAN interface.

fromsystem traceroute

But when its on default gateway it resolves and routed as expected,

fromsystem traceroute2

I am not sure what I am missing here.

I have a guide load balancing here

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Thank you Tom for your reply, did go through your video again but issue I am facing is when I am trying to route to another Vlan host in my network, pfsense routes it to WAN side instead of routing to internal network. This would happen if I use any thing other than default option under Firewall>Rules>VlanNetwork>Gateway. As seen in my screen shot.

When Gateway is selected other than Default this happens
fromsystem traceroute

When Gateway is selected as Default it correctly routes to my internal network,
fromsystem traceroute2

Ok watching your video did help, user urzu181 made following comment on your video

2 weeks ago
But also to be noted that if you have different subnets/vlans that you need to access from your LAN side and you set the rule to use the gateway group for loadbalance/failover, you won't be able to access those other subnets/vlans. For that you'll need to create separate rules on top of the gateway group rule to allow access from LAN Net/LAN Address to the other subets/vlans using the default gateway.

So I created a Alias with all my network address and added another allow rule with destination to alias with default gateway before hitting WAN rule and now it routes as expected.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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