Pfsense multi-wan failover blocks inter-vlan access

Great community here and have learned a lot from Tom and reading through these forums.

Have an issue with multi-wan failover. So setup multi-van failover (WAN_FAIL) and set the default IPv4 gateway under System → Routing. I thought that worked but when WAN1 would go down, it would freeze any online videos or gaming.

So, reading Pfsense documentation, they say that the Default gateway under System → Routing is for the firewall’s access to the Internet and not necessarily user data. So then I went to the firewall rules and set the “Default allow LAN to any rule” rule to use the WAN_FAIL gateway (Firewall → Rules → LAN). After doing this i was unable to access a vlan called DEV. I had to explicitly put in a rule to allow LAN-net to access DEV-net. When i set the default gateway back to default i can access the DEV vlan without the new rule.

1 - Why did i loose access to the DEV vlan after setting a default gateway in the firewall rules to WAN_FAIL?
2 - Why did MDNS stop working when i set the firewall rule "“Default allow LAN to any rule” to use WAN_FAIL as the default gateway?
3 - Am i even doing this properly - all i want to do is make sure the connection is not interrupted when WAN fails over and still have access to the other VLAN?

Thank you in advance.

If you are setting up the LAN rules to use a specific gateway it will fail when it switches, the default is to just use any avaiable gateway.

Thanks for the response. I am a bit confused. When I leave the LAN rules gateway on default … that is when i am having issues with connection interruptions. But when i specify WAN_FAIL (which has WAN1 as tier1, and WAN2 as Tier2), it doesn’t interrupt the connection but then i have this issue with accessing other VLANs.

Any ideas?

@LTS_Tom would be interesting to do a video on Policy based routing with WAN Failover.