Pfsense Mobile Notifications

Hey I had a question if anyone knows a good way to have PFSENSE Mobile solution for a home network. I recently have Pfsense for last 6 months and have got OpenVPN, Suricata, and PFBlocker NG. I just wanted something on the phone while I am away or out of home. Also it would be nice to not have to go through the logs.

I have tried Untangle, love the interface but not really an app as well. Also I have Unifi USG, I like something that which I do use for the switch. Any ideas? I am open to having a PFSENSE and having another program as well if possible through a VM.

Thank you

I am not clear on what you are looking for, you want access pfsesnse from your phone?

I think he means hes looking for a mobile application like how google wifi and netgear etc have their apps.

@sam I would love to find one as well, so far havent seen one.

Thanks guys, yeah something that I can view remotely not having to use OpenVPN and using the mobile webpage. Its good, but wish they had an app. Its hard to check Suricata and PfBlocker. Any ideas?

You have OpenVPN so just connect to that and enter your pfSense management local IP via your phone browser.

Otherwise you would need to open your management port to the internet and that’s very bad practice.

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