pfSense Maintenance?

Hello and thanks for your help.

I’ve been using a SG-3100 just under a year now. The disk usage is already over 60%.
I’m guessing it’s all logs?
What maintenance should I perform and what setting should I look into to reduce the usage?

If you’re concerned about log file maintenance you can read up on this:

However, it may not ever go over 60%.

The SG-3100 has 8GB of eMMC flash, and default looks to be 500K files times 20, maxing out at about 10GB of storage, so you may be fine if the defaults are set lower.

[edit: researched SG-3100 storage capacity and edited message]

Thank you and welcome to the forums. I will read the document you linked.

Much to my horror in re-reading this, apparently I can’t do SI math 500K * 20 = 10MB NOT 10GB. Oops.