PfSense Load Balanced WAN

I have a 1.5GB FTTH connection, and I have PFSense sitting behind the carriers modem which has 4 x 1GB ports. Currently I have a single Wan port from PFsense going to one of the 1GB ports on the modem. Can I utilize a second wan connection to a second 1GB port on the carriers modem and then load balance to take advantage or a little more through put? The puzzling part here for me is whether this would work with both wan ports on the same /24 segment on the carriers modem?


Does the device you are connecting to support LACP/LAGG?

unfortunately my providers HomeHub 3000 does not. I’d go direct to Pfsense with an SFP, but I need the providers modem to also service the TV set top boxes as well as phone service.