pfSense link speed negotiation

Hi Guys

pfSense newb here. Been lurking around here and the youtube channel and learning heaps. Built a pfSense system on XCP-NG. Running with a 4 port intel nic and link speeds are all 1000Mbps except for the wan port which is connected to a Huawei HG8240H fibre ONT which I can see it getting downgraded to a 100Mbps. When I plug in to the ONT from my pc directly I get a 1000Mbps. I have seen a setting in pfSense to set speeds but that setting is not available to me which I figure is because I am running it on XCP-NG and with virtual adapter.

Any ideas?

I have never had my pfsense lan connect at the wrong speed. Make sure you followed their instructions here

Turns out it was the cable :stuck_out_tongue:

I had that happen to me once. I have two 1 gigabit nics, and it was affecting the NIC assigned to my LAN side. After fiddling with the cable, I shut the system down, pulled the NIC, and reseated it, and that seemed to do the trick. Its been a couple years, and hasn’t been a problem since.