PfSense - Limiter not working when serving data


We are uses Pfsense version 2.4.4 with 1 WAN connection and 6 LAN networks.

One network is named RMM, which we have a limiter on and does work limiting traffic In and Out (relative to that NIC).

On the RMM (LAN NIC) network we have a monitoring platform, which connects to hundreds of devices(agents) via the WAN NIC.

The issue is when the agents upgrade, the limiter on the RMM NIC does not work. It seems that when serving data initiated by an external device, the limiters don’t get applied.

How do I get around this problem?



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You limit based on priority or like setup manually with a specific speed?

Hi Mariem,

I have created manual Limiter for In and Out (relative tothe RMM NIC).
I then applied those limiters to a Rule under the RMM Firewall Rules.

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