Pfsense + lets encrypt wild card certifcates + slow

Hi Team,

I have set up wildcard certificates using lets encrypt on my home esxi server, I have it working but boy does it is slow down page loading. Pages load in seconds using the server ip but pages take 30 to 40 seconds minimum to load via dns.

Netgate 4100 and only running a single user and two servers.

Anything recommended to check?

I am assuming you are using HAProxy but this is an odd problem that I have not encountered. My guess would be something with the DNS settings in the server that is responding slow as it’s might be constantly looking up something, waiting, failing, then sending back the request.

Sounds like a DNS issue

I’m curious if using the dns without the cert still has the same issue. What also could be the problem is ESXi didn’t like being proxied and you could be missing key headers that the proxy is not forwarding.