pfSense LAN with OPT1 with

Dear Community,

I have a special request. Using pfSense, is there any way to have all LAN traffic use the DNS of and all of OPT1 (WiFi devices) use the DNS
I would much appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction or gives me the link to a guide on how to accomplish this please.
Many thanks!

@LTS_Tom @LTS_Kyle @LTS_Eric
Thanks for all the great videos and tutorials.

I’m curious is there a benefit to using different DNS in your use case ?

You could probably set it so one interface uses the resolver and the other uses the forwarder. There might be other ways too.

I don’t know all the technical terms but you should be able to setup rules to watch the dns port and forward all of them to your dns server.

For example a laptop is configured to use, you can see this unencrypted request go out on the dns port. Re route it through your dns server. I believe a firewall rule will do it.

You should be able to assign DNS servers for each network in DHCP.