pfSense : LAN to Bridge whiteout loosing DHCP register,

Currently I am using a machine with 4 ports. 2 are not used and I would like to create a bridge with the LAN port currently used and a 2nd port.
I have about 50 DHCP records on the current LAN interface and I want the bridge to keep this ip range (

How to proceed ?
I tried to create a Bridge with just the new port I assigned to the LAN interface, but, of course, I lost control of SSH and GUI access…
However, internet access was still working.
Perhaps a rule was missing to create upstream before assigning the bridge to the LAN interface of pfSense?


Bridging is a bad idea as it does not often work well, use a switch and you will have a better experience.

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Thanks for the quick response.

The goal was to connect my AP-WiFi directly to the router and not to the physical switch.
So I’m going to stay like this.
The simplest is sometimes the best