PFSense LAGG & Unifi Cameras

I used Tom’s Tutorial: pfsense LAGG & LACP & Setup to kick off my configuration, and so far so good things on my net seem to be enjoying the connection.

My main issue and reasoning for building the LAGG were to isolate an issue with my unifi cameras going into “disconnected” status & generating both the event logged as a disconnect and the email notification.

Currently, I have 3 UVC G3 Micro wireless & 1 UVC G3 WIred camera isolated on its own VLAN. I’ve had the VLANs’ configuration for a while, and all have been great, but as I add more cameras to the mix and look at expanding, I’m looking to ensure I have things in a more stable foothold.

I’m wondering if I am looking at my configuration from the wrong angle; even after the configuration change, I still encounter the notifications, but they are less frequent depending on the day.

Looking to get any insight from others who may have encountered this same issue or think of other troubleshooting. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Are all of the cameras generating the events or just the wireless ones?

Those 4 cameras should be well under 100 mb/s total traffic so a LAGG is unlikely to alleviate issues with disconnecting.

Good point, Yes both the wired and wireless encounter this issue.
The wireless has more issues but the timing 99% of the time when the disconnects occur are at the same time as the wired.

I wanted to post a reply to this and wanted to circle back.

I was using a CloudKey Gen 2 + unit running my cameras and had a bunch of disconnects over and over.
Since my posting, the LAGG has been working great for all other network traffic. I might have a PFSense build issue that I’m looking to get a rack mount unit from netgate to alleviate what might be an issue with my 4 ports on the NIC.

Since the last post, I upgraded to the UNVR 4 disk unit. It worked out great with the same camera setup. I have had a SIGNIFICANT reduction in camera disconnects. Tho I still have them. I have yet to narrow down which is the cause of the problem.

Due to now having a 10Gb device, I’m hoping to move to a 10Gb core switch and have a Netgate Device corresponding to the 10Gb.

If anyone has insight on what I should be looking out for with the disconnects, I’d be much appreciative.

I don’t have any unifi kit.

However, I did have issues with an IP camera over PoE, which appeared to disconnect frequently. I have a QNAP NAS which has 2 applications for monitoring cams, one worked ok and the other had the disconnects, for the life of me I couldn’t work it out.

Ok now I have forgotten but I had to remove some of the entries for the cam configuration, it may have been the WAN IP address. Then the connection remained stable ever since in the app.

You might have a dodgy cable or connection, but you might want to try and minimise the details you have entered into the cam configuration and inspect the result. I doubt it has anything to do with your router.

The Unifi Cameras get their configuration from the NVR that acts as a Controller for the Unifi Protect ecosystem. So not much configuration is there besides DHCP info & where the UNVR is located on the VLAN.

I only suspect that the router is a factor due to the configuration I have.
The NVR sits on one side of the Router, and the Cameras get fed in via VLANS in the Router & the Switch.
Here is a little diagram of how things for the Security net are laid out.