Pfsense + ipv6 + NTp

Has anyone implemented NTp on PFsense with two dynamic DHCP ISPs? (ie, ATT & GFiber, or similar?) DHCP6-PD is the sticking point.

I’ve not found anything documentation wise that seemed to work or even be accepted by the options in pfsense.

If so, how? please share what your dhcp receives from your ISP and how you configured NTp to allow for both IPv6 connections to be leveraged in failover.

Unfortunately, pfSense doesn’t have a mechanism to automatically update NPT entries when the delegated prefix changes. In it’s defenese, even residential ISPs should really be delegating static prefixes though, so this missing functionality shouldn’t be required in the first place. But here we are… Anyway, I don’t think you can do failover reliably with two dynamic prefixes.