PFSense IPv6 clients can not talk to PF Interface

I’m having trouble with IPv6 on my pfsense deployment. IPv6 clients can all ping each other but for some reason they can’t ping the IPv6 address on the bridge interface on the PFSense box. I think they’re trying to talk to that interface to get DNS too but I think it’s failing. I added some firewall rules to explicitly allow the clients to talk to the interface but that didn’t seem to work. It seems like nothing is even listening on that address and I can’t figure out why.

Anyone have any tips on troubling shooting through this? Feel like I’m just spinning in my chair. I’m sure this isn’t enough info my brain is to rattled. I’d post my backup XML but it’s production. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

This had something to do with my prefix numbers. It seems I don’t fully understand how to use the prefixes. I have to do some more experiments to figure out how to better hone my prefixes.