pFSense IPSec with MultiWan Failover

Has anyone implemented a reliable and dare I say fast IPSec failover using pFSense 2.6.0? The Netgate article I found uses DynDNS. The main complaint using DynDNS is the switching time. Has anyone configured this and what was your experience? Suggestions? Alternatives?

For our business client that have mostly static IP’s so it’ not an issue that comes up often. An alternative options be using Tailscale.

Don’t think this will address my issue. Let me provide more details.

I have two pFSense routers. Lets call one Bill and the other Tom. Bill and Tom have 2 WANs each (BWAN1, BWAN2, TWAN1, and TWAN2) in failover mode. Bill has an IPSEC tunnel from BWAN1 to TWAN1. Now BWAN1 fails and BWAN2 goes live. Now the IPSec tunnel needs to failover too (BWAN2 to TWAN1). The Netgate article describes the use of DynDNS but also stipulating that this method is slow. Is there another way to failover IPSec tunnels in pFSense?

I am not aware of any other way to do it.

Thank you for your help.