Pfsense IPSec VPN / SCCM issues

I hope someone might be able to help or point me in the right direction.

I’m currently fighting with an SCCM server at a second location that used to work as a Distribution point but I can not get it to synchronize the distribution point.

I started by looking at the network connection and I think that’s where I seem to have an issue

The two servers are connected to each other via a Sits to Site IPsec VPN
Both sites run a VMware esxi server on which we have an install of Pfsense
Network at site one is 10.10.8./24 and the network at site two is 10.10.11./24

I can access the SCCM server at site one from the SCCM server at site two I can ping, nslookup, access file shares by IP and server name no problem.

However, I can only access files shares on-site two using from the SCCM server at site one using the IP address of the site two SCCM server but not the name (which looks like its causing SCCM to have issues)

I have run a nslookup for the site2 server on the site1 server and it returns the correct IP address

Would anyone have any idea where I should look

Thanks in advance

Check the local firewall setting on the servers to make sure they are allowed to talk to other subnets.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply,

I should have probably mentioned that I have switched off windows firewall on both servers just to rule them out with no joy